Welcome to our little corner of the Internet! It’s great to see you, as it means that you’re curious about the Far North. And it so happens that we are too! It was this curiosity, along with a passion for scientific inquiry, that gave rise to forScience Foundation and is a driving force behind our activity.

We want to show that, contrary to what many people think, there’s more to science than tedious analyses, obscure discussions and jargon-ridden publications, which are all but impossible to make sense of and which seem to have absolutely no practical relevance anyway. We make it clear that science is a state of mind. It’s a way of perceiving reality and, at the same time, a source of not only knowledge, but also deep emotions and amazing experiences. It is this kind of science that we write about on our website.

The stories and accounts published here do not come out of nowhere. They are all based on projects, whose planning and execution is our main priority. There is, however, more to our activity than that, as we gladly help others put their ideas into practice and co-organize events, while texts produced by or with the help of the forScience team  can be found in travel and popular-science magazines and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Our activity triggers countless discussions on current environmental issues and consequences of human behaviour. The discussions let us identify numerous concepts which tend to be taken for granted even though, in fact, many of us have no clue what they actually mean. It is these concepts that we clarify in articles published under the general heading And there you have it!

Additionally, found under the same heading are articles about the regions in which we operate. They do not deal directly with the subject matter of our projects, but help to clarify their environmental, geographical and historical context. The texts are also a great source of practical information, which you’re bound to find useful when planning your own ventures to the northern edge of the world.

An important part of what we do are online meetings with kids and teenagers, with whom we share what we’ve learnt about the Arctic and what the Arctic has taught us about the world. Each of our webinars is a virtual expedition to the Far North complete with vivid accounts, stunning views and reliable information, which sink deep into hearts and minds, instilling in our listeners a sense of responsibility for the well-being of the planet.


So much for the past and current pursuits of forScience Foundation. Our ambition for the future is to spread to other regions and deal with a broader range of topics. At the same time, we’d like to become a platform for people wanting to pursue their own, original research projects outside traditional academic structures.

What does is mean in practice? If you have interesting ideas, but excessive bureaucracy or the lack of formal support make it impossible for you to make them reality, give us a shout. We’ll do our best to help.

Meanwhile, we wish you happy exploring.