The Foundation’s activity triggers countless conversations on the topic of current environmental issues and consequences of human behaviour. The conversations let us identify numerous concepts which tend to be taken for granted when, in fact, many of us have no clue what they actually mean. It is these concepts that we clarify in articles published under the general heading And there you have it!

Our texts are easy to follow and contain many specific examples and images, which make it easier to notice direct links between the topics in question and our daily lives. We hope they will let you consolidate and expand what you already know about the natural and the man-made environment and, by doing so, make your everyday choices more conscious and ecologically sound.

Additionally, published under the same heading are articles about the regions in which we operate. They do not deal directly with the subject matter of our projects, but instead help to clarify the environmental, geographical and historical context in which the projects are executed. The texts are also a great source of practical information, which you’re bound to find useful when planning your own travels.

The oases of Antarctica

When we think of an oasis, the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a lush green area amidst the endless sands of a desert, with camels quenching their thirst at a spring and caravan drivers dozing in the shade. Oases provide refuge from the heat and

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Does size matter? Or mega-problems with macro- and microplastics

They’re everywhere. From carpets beneath our feet, through contact lenses in our eyes, to planes above our heads. Synthetic materials, although synthetic, have become perfectly natural, and the growing piles of plastic waste are just another element of our world. But discarded plastic accumulates not only in areas with thousands

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