The aims of the Foundation are:

  1. the development of basic and applied research through conducting its own research in the fields of natural sciences as well as exact and technical sciences;
  2. conducting scientific and technical research through initiating, creating, implementing and supporting modern technologies as well as innovative solutions and research methods in science and environmental protection;
  3. providing scientists with intellectual, organizational, in-kind and financial support;
  4. popularizing and promoting knowledge related to the sciences specified in Act 1 above, environmental protection and research techniques;
  5. conducting educational activities aimed at broadening the knowledge of students, doctoral students and school pupils;
  6. working to support organizations whose statutory aims include activities related to science, technology, education, culture, cultural heritage protection, environmental protection, and charity.

The Foundation realizes its aims by means of:

  1. conducting research;
  2. conducting educational activity;
  3. cooperating on science and popular science projects with organizations and institutions dealing with similar matters;
  4. administering science projects;
  5. educating individuals or entities engaged in academic or economic activity in research methods and data analysis;
  6. organizing workshops and training courses;
  7. organizing science and popular science conferences, seminars and talks;
  8. propagating and promoting achievements of Polish explorers, inventors and scientists in Poland and abroad;
  9. publishing data, preparing newsletters and educational materials;
  10. conducting activity related to material publication, film, radio, television and multimedia production, and cooperating with the media;
  11. running science and research centres;
  12. creating, acquiring and adapting new spaces necessary for scientific activity;
  13. cooperating with various institutions and companies in order to achieve the statutory aims of the Foundation;
  14. cooperating with local government authorities, governments and non-governmental organizations within the scope of the statutory aims of the Foundation;
  15. participating in other enterprises in line with the statutory aims of the Foundation;
  16. awarding scholarships to talented pupils, students, doctoral students and scientists whose work is directly or indirectly related to natural sciences and environmental protection.

More information regarding the activity of forScience Foundation can be found in its statute. An English version of the document is available here. Do keep in mind, however, that the only legally binding version of the statute is the Polish one, which can be accessed here.