Here you’ll find a list of texts produced by or with the help of the forScience team. They fall into three main categories:

Our reports constitute a comprehensive overview of projects executed by the forScience Foundation. They provide detailed information on the course of project fieldwork, conditions in which it was carried out and adopted methodology as well as present conclusions which we arrived at based on the data collected in the field. They also invariably contain numerous photographs and diagrams, which shed more light on the content and thus make it easier to grasp.

Jóźwiak, B., Nawrot, A. (2021). Raport z realizacji projektu Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup w 2021 roku. Fundacja forScience.
ISBN: 978-83-956002-2-7

Jóźwiak, B., Nawrot, A. (2021). Report on the execution of Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup project in 2021. Fundacja forScience.
ISBN 978-83-956002-3-4

Jóźwiak, B., Nawrot, A. (2019). Raport z realizacji projektu Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup w 2019 roku. Fundacja forScience.
ISBN 978-83-956002-0-3

Jóźwiak, B., Nawrot, A. (2019). Report on the execution of Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup project in 2019. Fundacja forScience.
ISBN 978-83-956002-1-0

The aim of these texts is to clarify the subject matter of our projects and the unique character of places in which they are executed. The articles are written mainly for nature and travel enthusiasts who have not yet happened upon the forScience website, but who do find paper or digital magazines dealing with such and similar topics worth a read.

Nawrot, A. (2019) Plastikowa Arktyka. Biologia w szkole, nr 36, 12–17.
Digital version (in Polish only) available on the magazine’s website.

Jóźwiak, B. (2019) Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup, czyli porządki na Svalbardzie. Zew Północy, nr 35, 29–31.

Jóźwiak, B., Zawierucha, K., Nawrot, A. (2019) Arktyczne plaże toną w śmieciach. Biologia w szkole, nr 34, 44–46.
Digital version (in Polish only) available on the magazine’s website.

Nawrot, A. (2015). Hornsund – polski skrawek Arktyki. Zew Północy, nr 21, 4–6.

The following list comprises peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals under the affiliation of the forScience Foundation. What links them all together, apart from the said affiliation? A polar topic and… Adam Nawrot – an academic staff member of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences and, at the same time, the founder of the forScience Foundation and one of the main driving forces behind its activity. It’s not too hard to guess that it was the expertise gained due to collaboration with IG PAS that provided the underpinning for the Foundation’s Arctic activity. Today, however, we can easily talk of mutual benefits. This is because the challenges involved in executing forScience projects help gain extra knowledge and develop extra skills, which Adam effectively draws on when working for the Institute. His dual affiliation is, therefore, perfectly justified, don’t you think?

Moroni, B., Crocchianti, S., Nawrot, A., Dagsson Waldhauserova, P., Cappelletti, D. (2024). Investigation of Icelandic dust presence in the aerosols collected at Hornsund (Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic) in spring 2019. Atmosphere, 15(3), 322. doi:10.3390/atmos15030322

Koziol, K., Kallenborn, R., Xie, Z., Larose, C., Spolaor, A., Barbaro, E., Kavan, J., Kępski, D., Nikulina, A., Zawierucha, K., Pearce, D., Cockerton, L., Nawrot, A., Pawlak, F., Pakszys, P., Cappelletti, D., (2023) Harmonising environmental research and monitoring of priority pollutants and impurities in the Svalbard atmosphere (HERMOSA). In: The State of Environmental Science in Svalbard (SESS) Report 2022, 62–77. ISBN 978-82-93871-08-8. doi:10.5281/zenodo.7406842

Sanchez-Cid, C., Keuschnig, C., Torzewski, K., Stachnik, Ł., Kępski, D., Luks, B., Nawrot, A., Niedzielski, P., Vogel, T.M., Larose, C. (2022). Environmental and anthropogenic factors shape the snow microbiome and antibiotic resistome. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13:918622. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2022.918622

Buda, J., Poniecka, E. A., Rozwalak, P., Ambrosini, R., Bagshaw, E. A., Franzetti, A., Klimaszyk, P., Nawrot, A., Pietryka, M., Richter D., Zawierucha K. (2021). Is oxygenation related to the decomposition of organic matter in cryoconite holes? Ecosystems, 25, 1510–1521. doi:10.1007/s10021-021-00729-2

Spolaor, A., Moroni, B., Luks, B., Nawrot, A., Roman, M., Larose, C., Stachnik, Ł., Bruschi, F., Kozioł, K., Pawlak, F., Turetta, C., Barbaro, E., Gallet, J.-C., Cappelletti, D. (2021). Investigation on the sources and impact of trace elements in the annual snowpack and the firn in the Hansbreen (Southwest Spitsbergen). Frontiers in  Earth Science, 8:536036. doi: 10.3389/feart.2020.536036

Lewandowski, M., Kusiak, M. A., Werner, T., Nawrot, A., Barzycka, B., Laska, M., Luks, B. (2020). Seeking the sources of dust: geochemical and magnetic studies on “cryodust” in glacial cores from Southern Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Norway). Atmosphere, 11(12), 1325. doi:10.3390/atmos11121325

Kavan, J., Láska, K., Nawrot, A., Wawrzyniak, T. (2020). High latitude dust transport altitude pattern revealed from deposition on snow, Svalbard. Atmosphere, 11(12), 1318. doi:10.3390/atmos11121318

Stachnik, Ł., Yde, J., Nawrot, A., Uzarowicz, Ł., Łepkowska, E., Kozak, K. (2019). Aluminium in glacial meltwater demonstrates an association with nutrient export (Werenskiöldbreen, Svalbard). Hydrological Processes, 33(12), 1638–1657. doi:10.1002/hyp.13426

Zawierucha, K., Buda, J., Nawrot, A. (2019). Extreme weather event results in the removal of invertebrates from cryoconite holes on an Arctic valley glacier (Longyearbreen, Svalbard). Ecological Research, 34(3), 370–379. doi:10.1111/1440-1703.1276

Nawrot, A., Migała, K., Luks, B., Pakszys, P., Głowacki, P. (2016). Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall during a season with a high level of air pollution on the Hans Glacier, Spitsbergen. Polar Science, 10(3), 249–261. doi:10.1016/j.polar.2016.06.003

Stachnik, Ł., Majchrowska, E., Yde, J. C., Nawrot, A., Cichała-Kamrowska, K., Ignatiuk, D., Piechota, A. (2016). Chemical denudation and the role of sulfide oxidation at Werenskioldbreen, Svalbard. Journal of Hydrology, 538, 177–193. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.03.059

The texts differ in terms of subject matter, target audience and the level of complexity, so everyone is sure to find a piece to suite their taste. Enjoy the read!