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M.A.R.S. – Modular Analog Research Station

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Since 2015, we have been involved in the project whose aim is to build the first analog Martian station in Poland. The originator and the driving force behind this idea is Agata Kołodziejczyk, but formulating a plan, implementing it and developing the project would not have been possible without the engagement of many people, companies and institutions.

The project is called M.A.R.S. (Modular Analog Research Station) and – as part of it – work is underway in Rzepiennik Biskupi to construct a research station, designed specifically for testing new technologies and training astronauts during simulated space missions, with the participants being almost totally isolated from the outside world.

Martian station M.A.R.S. in Rzepiennik Biskupi (1 Jan 2017)
© Agata Kołodziejczyk

M.A.R.S. constitutes an excellent base for conducting psychological, medical, biological and technical projects, whose results may later be used during lunar missions and the intended mission to Mars.

More information about the project is to be found on Facebook.