Does size matter? Or mega-problems with macro- and microplastics

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They’re everywhere. From carpets beneath our feet, through contact lenses in our eyes, to planes above our heads. Synthetic materials, although synthetic, have become perfectly natural, and the growing piles of plastic waste are just another element of our world. But discarded plastic accumulates not only in areas with thousands…

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Six years of letter writing

The letter-writing competition “Ludzie Listy Piszą” was held for the first time in 2014. The title could be translated as “People Write Letters”, but to a Polish person there’s a lot more to the pharse than its literal meaning. The words come from a song which has been around since…

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Whatever it takes

The issue of marine litter may be approached in a number of ways. The widest recognition is usually given to initiatives focusing on prevention, such as raising the awareness of dangers involved in excessive use of plastic or searching for environmentally-friendly alternatives. There is also much talk about improving existing…

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