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Dark clouds over Hans

Polar Science (vol. 10, 2016, pp. 249-261) published an article by Adam Nawrot, Krzysztof Migała, Bartłomiej Luks, Paulina Pakszys and Piotr Głowacki, entitled “Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall during a season with a high level of air pollution on the Hans Glacier, Spitsbergen”.

The article looks at an acidic snowfall event recorded on the Hans Glacier, Spitsbergen, in 2006. The authors describe the process by which orographic barriers “scrape” pollutants from passing clouds, and indicate what generated these pollutants in the first place, namely – and here’s a surprise! – forest fires and the burning of fields and meadows, which took place in south-western Russia and western Kazakhstan.

If you wish to learn more on the subject, you can read the entire article on the journal’s website. Alternatively, you can find it by entering the following publication code into the search engine:

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