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  • Whatever it takes

    The issue of marine litter may be approached in a number of ways. The widest recognition is usually given to initiatives focusing on prevention, such as raising the awareness of […]

  • Awfully Rotten Cabin & Co., Part Two

    In the previous post we explained, among others, where the Awfully Rotten Cabin (or Kapp Horn Hytte, as it’s usually referred to in official records) came from, how it’s changed […]

  • Awfully Rotten Cabin & Co.

    Today we’re going to tell you a little more about the Awfully Rotten Cabin, or Kapp Horn Hytte (which is how it’s referred to in official records). What stands behind […]

  • Not quite plain sailing

    A project is much like a baby. Before we got down to work, the idea seemed brilliant, the required amount of effort and commitment – reasonable, and the expected feeling […]

  • Destination: the Arctic

    If strolling along litter-strewn European beaches you ever console yourself with the thought of the far north – the last stronghold of wilderness, where beaches do not as yet look […]

  • What sprouted in a rotten cabin

    The idea to clean a stretch of Svalbard’s shoreline emerged one gloomy September afternoon in 2015, when – bored with excessive comfort of the Polish Polar Station Hornsund – we […]

  • Cleaning the Arctic, or Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup

    We are proud to announce that we have received 330,000 NOK from Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund for the realization of a project entitled Sørkapp Marine Litter Cleanup (Nr 18/70). Marine […]

  • Chemical denudation and the role of sulfide oxidation at Werenskioldbreen, Svalbard

    In the article entitled “Chemical denudation and the role of sulfide oxidation at Werenskioldbreen, Svalbard”, written by Łukasz Stachnik, Elżbieta Majchrowska (now Łepkowska), Jacob C. Yde, Adam Nawrot, Katarzyna Cichała-Kamrowska, Dariusz […]

  • Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall during a season with a high level of air pollution on the Hans Glacier, Spitsbergen

    Polar Science (vol. 10, 2016, pp. 249-261) published an article by Adam Nawrot, Krzysztof Migała, Bartłomiej Luks, Paulina Pakszys and Piotr Głowacki, entitled “Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall […]

  • Hornsund – a patch of Poland in the Arctic

    Zew Północy Magazine (#21, 2015) published a series of texts about Poles in the Arctic. On pages 4-6, you can read what Adam Nawrot from the forScience Foundation had to […]