Other things we do

  • P is for plastic

    One of our goals as the Foundation is to connect the world of science and ecology, while doing our bit to increase environmental awareness and promote environmentally friendly behaviours. In […]

  • M.A.R.S. – Modular Analog Research Station

    Since 2015, we have been involved in the project whose aim is to build the first analog Martian station in Poland. The originator and the driving force behind this idea […]

  • Chemical denudation and the role of sulfide oxidation at Werenskioldbreen, Svalbard

    In the article entitled “Chemical denudation and the role of sulfide oxidation at Werenskioldbreen, Svalbard”, written by Łukasz Stachnik, Elżbieta Majchrowska (now Łepkowska), Jacob C. Yde, Adam Nawrot, Katarzyna Cichała-Kamrowska, Dariusz […]

  • Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall during a season with a high level of air pollution on the Hans Glacier, Spitsbergen

    Polar Science (vol. 10, 2016, pp. 249-261) published an article by Adam Nawrot, Krzysztof Migała, Bartłomiej Luks, Paulina Pakszys and Piotr Głowacki, entitled “Chemistry of snow cover and acidic snowfall […]

  • Hornsund – a patch of Poland in the Arctic

    Zew Północy Magazine (#21, 2015) published a series of texts about Poles in the Arctic. On pages 4-6, you can read what Adam Nawrot from the forScience Foundation had to […]

  • Polar4Space in Zew Północy Magazine

    In its 20th issue (2015), on page 2, Zew Północy Magazine published a brief note summarizing Polar4Space conference, organized earlier in the year by the forScience Foundation. Unfortunately, Zew Północy […]

  • Chenophila nanseni sp. n. (Acari: Syringophilidae) parasitising the barnacle goose in Svalbard

    In 2016, an article by Maciej Skoracki and Krzysztof Zawierucha, entitled “Chenophila nanseni sp. n. (Acari: Syringophilidae) parasitising the barnacle goose in Svalbard”, was published in Polish Polar Research (vol. […]

  • European Rover Challenge 2015

    On 5-6 September 2015 took place another edition of European Rover Challenge, whose main part is a prestigious international competition of Mars rovers designed and constructed by teams of students. […]

  • Opening Day of the Astronomical Observatory in Rzepiennik Biskupi

    On 6-8 June 2015, an event promoting astronomy took place on the premises of the largest, privately owned astronomical observatory in Poland (Rzepiennik Biskupi, Małopolska). The three-day event included: Astronomical […]

  • Meet the Space III

    The 3rd International Space Science and Space Technology Conference Meet The Space III 28-29 November 2015, Museum of Polish Aviation, Kraków, Poland Conference theme: Planetary Atmosphere Sampling The third edition […]